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Examples of our maintenance work

Here you can gain a little insight of our maintenance work.

Sealing of hydraulic systems


Encreased axial play

The encreased axial play leads to increased wear

Repair of a worn out pin guide

The work steps will be described on the example of a dumper:



First step: Removing of the axle for releasing the pin guide

Second step: Adjusting of the boring machine

Third step: Welding of the defective pin guide

Fourth step: precisely unscrewing

The result

Protection from corrosion with special wax

This special wax is a special protection from corrosion for construction machines and attachments working in critical external influences, for example with de-icing salt, in landfill sites, metal smelters, and so on.

With protection with a special wax before the first use

Without protection from corrision after using the attachment

Engine overheating caused an engine damage.

The example of a dozer:

1. Failure analysis

2. Dismantling and repairing of the engine

Installing an access to hidden nipples

Hidden area behind a wheel

Installing an access by laying of pipes

The result: a free access

NEW for BS Baumaschinen Service

Mobile maintenance and installation of air conditioning

Oil filter installation with a voltage transfromer to 24V